Tuesday, May 05, 2009

My weekend

I have been meaning to blog about my weekend but I have spend the past few days and nights working to finish a whole lot of work.

Alhamdulillah I managed to settle everything during lunch time today.

Sunday morning I took part in the Special Olympics Walkathon which was an 8 km walk from Taman SOAS to the National Stadium at Berakas.

My wife dropped me off early in the morning and I made my way to look for a registration form or some sort. I met Reeda there and he was kind enough to tell me where to register. Thanks Reeda and love the picture :D

I met some familiar faces as well and the aerobics was fun but kinda difficult to do on the field. But I still enjoyed it. We started the walk and I looked up to the sky and had a gut feeling it was going to rain. I prayed and hoped it would just pass by.

In to the junction at the old Post Office building when a familiar face greeted me as my ears were listening full blast to the sounds of BackStreet Boys. I said 'Hi' and then I felt it. A blob of rain drop on my shoulder and in a split second it poured cats and dogs. I ran for shelter and hid my iPhone. I looked for a plastic bag to save my phone. Couldn't manage to find one, but I was really determined to continue and finish.

I bumped into Rano and asked if he had a plastic bag I could borrow. It was kind of Rano to offer me his raincoat but I just wanted to save my precious one. :D

A million thanks to Rano for keeping my iPhone when I continued my walkathon. I really appreciate it Bro. I owe you one Bro.

I walked and ran for some parts of the walkathon. I am happy to say I managed to finish the 8K walkathon in 53 mins.

At the Bazaar, I met Pablo at the Foodie Bloggers Recipe Book Booth and bought my copy.

I also purchased a 'Special Olympics - Be a Fan' Black Tee because I was soaking wet from the rain and the walkathon.

While waiting for my wife to come to the bazaar, I browsed around and met Yani and her students booth. I bought two books from there and one is an autographed copy signed by the author himself and I got it on sale.

I also bought my DPMM Fan Jersey which I had asked G-Nul to get it autographed by the DPMM Heroes. I specifically asked for the Coach's autograph. I think he has made a huge impact on the players and that has so far been translated on the field by DPMM FC.

My Wife had to work on that Sunday and I dropped her off at her office and I went home to rest and managed to get some sleep :D

Around 2, went to Kilanas to My Wife's grandparents place for a family get together. We bought the Chocolate Mud Cake from Country Patch.

In the afternoon, I had a footy friendly at MD Field against the Original DPMM FC from the early days at MD. They called themselves the 'DPMM - Reunion'. Even Ali Momin of the former national team played. A star studded line up, even at their late 30's were still impressive and dominated the match from Kick off.

I reckon we could do better, if they don't mind a rematch. Just being hopeful :D

At night, I continued to do my work and while I was engrossed in my report writing. Something magical happened.

My Baby Boy, Hameez who was exactly 1 year 2 months and 9 days old walked by himself. He knows how to walk as I stated in my last post with the need of a 'driver'. But that night he just walked by himself.

It was amazing. From watching him glide out from his Mother's womb to the delivery table and watching him grow and his antics and his mumbling to the very sight of him walking.

Alhamdulillah. Allah and his mysterious ways work wonders and I am blessed to have a loving and caring wife and also blessed to have a healthy and beautiful Baby Boy.

I now will patiently wait for him to utter his first words.

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