Friday, May 08, 2009

Inspired Moment

I remember looking the Apple Crunchers at the Foodie bloggers Event. Since I was so stuffed from all the food, I did not try it. But I am sure it tasted great.

Apple + Peanut Butter + Cereal = a good combo anytime.

So while I was driving, I was thinking about the Banana Fritters with a scoop of Vanilla Ice cream from Taurean Cafe. Sia Sia Pun. Then I also thought about making Apple Crunchers to munch on.

Then I had a wicked idea. Why not make something like Apple Crunchers.

At home, Wifey was looking through this cook book for children which I bought after Hameez was born. A cook book for babies to young children. We have been following the book from day one since Hameez could eat and we kinda follow the schedule.

Anyways, there are a couple of banana related recipes and I was inspired.

Banana coated with Honey and Cereal

First get some cereals together. My choices are Coco Crunch and some Wholegrain cereal and some almond flakes.

A place for the honey.

and the most important ingredient, the star of the dish, BANANAS! hehehe. You may choose to cut it into half. I prefer it that way.

Firstly, dip Bananas in Honey and then dip to the plate with the cereal mix.

Then place on tray.

Finish everything and stick in the Oven at high for 5 minutes.

Let it out to cool and put in the fridge over night.

I will update tomorrow when I get to buy Vanilla Ice Cream and take proper picture.

P.S: Do not be discouraged if the cereal mix does not stick. Just keep on trying to put as many cereal mixes as you can. You can always add more once its on the try and ada more honey if you like.

All Pictures above were taken using my iPhone using a free application called 'Polarize' downloaded from the itunes store.

I have decided not to jailbreak my iPhone and just buy the Paid Apps by buying iTunes credit.

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i wanna try some...... looks yummy.


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