Monday, December 17, 2007

UnInvited Old Man

The story continues

So the second Ferry line lasted a good 50 mins plus plus. We were the first to get on the ferry and then a few moments later the ferry rocked and we felt like we tilted to the left a bit more. A quick rearview check and a huge truck was behind us on the Ferry.

We crossed the river and dashed to the second last immigration post which was at Lawas. Before the trip I had heard that the road was terrible and well, it was more that what I had anticipated.

A long stretch of gravel after the immigration post and made us lose some crutial time to get to KK. The initial 7 p.m. arrival was now a very daunting task. We managed to reach the final immigration post just before 6 p.m. and it was our uncle who was working at the immigration post. I am actually older than him but since his Mom is my 'Nini' that makes him my uncle.

To cut the long story short we took our sweet time driving to KK and had reset our ETA to 8 p.m. Then a long queue as the polis had a roadblock. This time we were let go. By that time I had confessed to Fayyad that we might as well reach KK at 9 p.m.

Funny enough we reached the hotel at 8.30 p.m. I was only driving at 90-100 km/hr. I was knackered and hungry. We checked in and I changed my t-shirt because it was dirty.

We walked to Warisan Square, if you are not familiar with this place, its the building right next to the Center Point. I had a craving for Fish and Chips so we went to Fish & Co.

After that I suggested to Fayyad that we relax at StarBucks. Fayyad agreed.

Went to Starbuck and I was annoyed because two people who ordered after me got their orders before I did. Bad Karma.

Then Fayyad showed me how to surf via the PSPs. I was frustrated because I could not log in to blogger. Then at midnight, while I was packing my stuff, an Old Man came up to our table and started to talk to us.

He was talking kinda funny and then he shaked hands with us and then it was obvious that the Old Man [OM] was drunk. He kept on shaking hands with us and saying how he wanted to leave. He even gave us a 'Salam'. For gods sake he was drunk. He ket on referring to himself as Pakcik!

Pakcik this! Pakcik that!

We layaned saja.

Then we told him we had to leave. His face changed to this serious mafia face. Scared the hell out of both of us.

He took a chair and sat down. He even had the guts to ask for a pint!

Then he started singing 'Madu~...'

We both applauded and said what a lovely voice he had.

Then I signaled Fayyad that we were going to make a run for it.

I check my watch it was quarter past midnight.

I gave him the nod and we both ran like we were being chased by a pack of wolves.

We only heard OM scream 'Oi!'

I am kind of in a rush now. So I will continue soon. I will tell you what happened in the next post. And a more detailed conversation of our encounter with OM.

MAN U WON BRAGGING RIGHTS AT THE KOP!!! Sorry Fayyad!! It don't matter that Arsenal are top. Man U Won at the Kop!!!

Oh and I am very tired tonight because I was driving the whole day to Mt Kinabalu and to the Hot Springs at Poring.

Got pictures and story to tell as well.

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