Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Drunken Old Man a.k.a DOM

DOM: Anak ni PakCik nak minta rokok. Bule ya?

Fayyad: Bah (Offers a stick and kindly lights it up for DOM)

Fayyad & Me: (Hoping DOM to walk away)

DOM: Anak ni anak orang kaya?

F&M: Tidak ih! Biasa saja

DOM: Tapi kamu duduk minum sini. PakCik minta maaf ya. Pakcik ni nak balik! Pakcik ni mabuk. (We shook hands / Besalam)

F&M: (Nods in agreement)

DOM: Kamu ni Anak orang kaya ya?

F&M: (Puzzled! He asked that question just now. Oh yes he's drunk) Tidak pakcik

DOM: Nama kamu siapa?

Me: Daniel

Fayyad: Haikal

DOM: Oh! Kamu ni tinggal di mana? Pakcik ni nak balik (Besalam lagi)
Me: Kami tinggal disana (points to somewhere)

DOM: Dimana kamu tinggal? (Rising his voice)

Me: Di Api-Api Apartment

DOM: Oh di Api Api Centre ya? Pakcik ni nak balik. Pakcik balik dulu ya! (Besalam lagi)

F&M: Ya Pakcik

DOM: Ya pakcik ni nak balik! Mintak rokok

F: (Gives him a stick and lights it up for him)

DOM: Kamu ni telinga kamu besar! Kamu tinggal di Api Api centre. Kamu tau sana banyak orang kena tangkap! (referring to Fayyad)

F: (Nods)

DOM: Kamu ni muka kamu macam perempuan *laughs* (referring to me)

Me: (I have very short hair! How can I look like a girl??) (Nods) Ya Pakcik

DOM: Pakcik ni mau pulang! Bole mintak satu jug?

Me: Kami mau pulang juga sekejap lagi

DOM: Ya pakcik pun mau pulang. Bule pakcik duduk? (Grabs nearby chair)

F&M: (Starts to stand up)

DOM: Duduk dulu! Pakcik mau cerita ni! (Face turns seriously scary)

F&M: (Sits back)

DOM: Pakcik ni nak minum. (Starts to sing) Madu~~ .... Kamu coba (asking me to sing)

Me: Lawa suara pakcik. Tapi aku nda pandai nyanyi

DOM: (sings again) Madu~~ Cuba kamu nyanyi

Me: nda pandai pakcik

DOM: Pakcik ni mau pulang. Kamu mau pulang. Macam mana pakcik mau pulang?

Me: (Signals Fayyad to run)

Fayyad: (Nods)

DOM: Pakcik minta rokok

Fayyad does the same thing again.

I signalled Fayyad to run.

We ran away.

DOM: OI! Tunggu!

It was a blur. I remember running into a fence. Then found an exit, jumped four flights of stairs to the road and ran as fast as I could. Crossed the road. Fayyad kept on screaming 'Sini Bang Jul'.
About a few hundred metres from the hotel, we stopped and looked back. No DOM chasing us but we were huffing and puffing like mad. Then this couple asked us what was wrong. We replied 'Ada orang mabuk mau kejar kami!'

We jogged back to the hotel not taking any chances at all.

What a way to start the Road Trip holiday.

Lesson learned: Do not sit outside of Starbucks in KK past midnight on a Saturday night. You never know what kind of people you might bump into or bump into you.

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