Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Today's run

Been nursing my bruised knee and foot since the futsal friendly on Saturday Afternoon. Not entirely satisfied with my run today eventhough I managed to cut my time by Two minutes. Will update later.
/edited 6.52 p.m./
I started my run at 8.0
After 5 mins increased to 8.5
After 5 mins increased to 9.0
Paused - Stretch
Continue run at 9.5
After 5 mins increased to 10.0
Paused - Stretch
Continue run at 10.5
Last 500m ran at 11.0
Last 200m ran at 12.0
Reached 5 k at 32.22 mins
Cool down 5 mins
My right calf muscles still bothering me. I am not sure if I should increase my salt intake.
Tomorrow is a low intensity workout day. Not really - I have Handball in the morning and Futsal in the afternoon.
Anyways, today I did not do any cycling. Instead, I chose to do a 10 min work out with the punching bag. I read somewhere that its a very good cardio and abs workout. I did my routine Abs workout before hitting the pool. I have added weight when I do my upper abs workout.
That is my workout for today.

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