Friday, May 04, 2007

Thank You My Soon To Be Partner For Life! Love You!

'Hers' just arrived back from her meeting in Langkawi. She did not manage to get a direct flight back yesterday so she had a free day in KL yesterday.

She did a little shopping for stuff to put on our hantaran and she surprised me with the above. She also got my a Whopper from BK. Nyaman!!

I was very pleased and overjoyed. I will not reveal what is inside the box but it is one of my favourite brands Hehehehe. I am a sucker for Hugo Boss.

Paksa tah wait for the wedding pictures. Yipeee I am getting married soon. I can not believe it.

I will be attending the 'Kursus Rumah Tangga' starting this tuesday. This is going to be interesting.


War186 said...

Aww! Congratulations in advance. I rarely come across a guy talking (blogging) about preparations of weddings. Nice! Good luck with the kursus, that sounds nice as well haha.

Moi said...

Heee... my guess is "Hugo Boss-Boss Soul For Men- 3pc Gift set". I might be wrong but who cares?! Hahaa... don't forget, our hantaran was Hugo Boss as well, as mine was the full range of Hugo Boss Intense and Bang Gee received the Hugo Boss In Motion set. Thanx to Bang gee for the Singapore sweep we had in 2004 to buy hantaran stuff. Heee... 3 weeks to go, Lai. Soon!!

Juan Pablo said...

Congratulations bro on the good news.. Semoga bahagia hingga ke anak cucu.. Jangan lupa... post gambar arah Brunei Weddings Blog!! hehehee