Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Siri Pertama

Today I attended the first session of my four session 'Kursus Rumah Tangga' or famoulsy known as 'Kursus Nikah', which loosely translates to 'A marraige course'.
Not knowing what to expect as many have described how they have fallen asleep during the 'ceramah' or presentation by the Ustaz or Ustazah or some religious officer. I of course was afraid that it would really get boring and I might fall asleep. That would be embarassing.
Some have describe how interesting it can get and said that sometimes the speaker gives away 'useful tips'.
After listening to all these different views I came to realise how sacred this course as it slowly instils the idea of marraige. The things shared during the session are and will be very useful once the actual marraige takes place.
Today, for the first part we had an officer who discussed the 'hukuman' or punishments bits related to marraige. It started out kinds slow and he had this really mellow, timid voice. Eventually he started to warm up and crack mild jokes and it slowly livened the mood of the participants like myself. Then came some questions and more jokes. His session ended on a high and am sure next week he would be even better.
The second part was delivered by an Ustazah. Now she was funny. She was not afraid to make us laugh and I could feel that the participants were up and awake the whole time. Her examples mostly came from 'P.Ramlee' movies and honestly she was very funny.
All in all today's session was a very informative introduction and I cannot wait for next week's session.


Moi said...

Aaahh.. we used to take notes from the transparent slides. Ani siuk jua kana bagi handbook.

Qiyah said...

My mom helped compile the handbook. I know this because I remember stacks of paper on the matter.

Yes, my mom is an uztazah and she handles the syariah section.