Tuesday, May 29, 2007

One more sunset - Thirty First here I come

It has been a while since I have had the opportunity to sit down and work my fingers to compose a proper post. I, however, have had the opportunity to play around with some amature CS2 editing. The above picture was taken using my K800i a few days ago as I was driving home from 'Hers' place to drop off something. I just adjusted the exposure and color contrast using CS2 to create the photo above.

One more sunset tomorrow and on Thursday afternoon I will have to opportunity, with Allah's will, to perform my 'Nikah' or 'Solemnisation ceremony'. Then a series of events that normally take place during Malay weddings. The whole 'Hu-Ha'!
Everyone close to me have been teasing me about being 'Nervous' - a feeling you normally get when you about to go on stage and sing infront of hundreds, if not thousands, of people. You heart beats so fast you would have thought you were at a Rave party Ha!Ha!
So the question is, Am I nervous?
At this moment I am not. I am unfazed by the whole Nikah ceremony which will happen like the day after tomorrow. I should be nervous because I have to say my 'Akad' in one lafaz or so they say. However, I am not. I figured it will all dawn down on me when the actual ceremony begins and all the eyes in the room, in the house and all the ears of the guests sitting outside will see and hear me say my 'Akad' or 'Solemnisation'.
I would love to believe that I will be confident and at ease when the ceremony happens. I am usually the collective one and I hope I do not crack under pressure. I normally do not but a wedding is the single most biggest event in a person's life. An event that will change their lives forever.
Alhamdulillah, most of the preparations are nearly done.
The Family will be gathering over at my crib tomorrow night to help set up the chairs and tables. Then we will stay up all night to play video games and 'karaoke-ing'. Maybe even play the traditional round table 'SamChung' with the Nephews Vs Uncles with our 'kacang tanahs' and hot 'Teh'O's'.
For me it will feel like 'Hari Raya' all over again. Everything I wear will be new and I am excited about that. I always get excited when I get to wear new shoes. Yesterday morning after my last Pre-Marital marriage course I went to pick up my 'Songkok'. I am very happy at how it turned out and it actually is the first time I made one. I normally just buy one but this is special. I will make sure 'Mizi' gets good shots of me in my new headgear Ha! Ha! Ha!
One more thing - I love the camera. I have a feeling 'Mizi' will not have much trouble from me. I will have a great time 'Vain-ing' Ha!Ha!Ha!
Wish me luck Friends, Long Lost Friends, Colleagues, On-Line buddies, Family and Readers -I hope I do not mess it up *LoL*


War186 said...

Aww. I can feel your excitement from reading your post. Hehe.

Good luck on your nikah. Hopefully all goes well during your solemnisation. Hehe. :)

SiRT said...

Thank you


I hope everything runs smoothly hehehe

JiLL said...

Happy Nikah tomorrow, you. Kiss the Missus for me after ya. Big HUG!!!! kawin tia kawan ku ah, kekekekekekekekeke I wuv you both... see ya guys soon insya-Allah.

JiLL said...

Ooooppps, tomorrow tia karang. i didnt realize it's already half past 12, so good luck later ah, not that you'll need any from reading your post, teeheehee