Monday, October 04, 2010

What is the future going to be like?

So what will the future look like? From a teaching perspective, honestly, No idea at all!!

Then what do I teach in class?

There was this very interesting video which I have used in a previous post on, a TED.Tv production entitled Do Schools Kill Creativity? by Sir Ken Robinson - an insightful and humorous presentation about what educators are doing in class to prepare their students for the future and challenges the ideology of education systems all over the world.

Honestly, have you ever wondered about the future? Where will you be? What will you be doing? What kind of jobs will your kids do? Will you be flying cars to work?

The future for all we know is, as always, unpredictable. One day, someone discovers a way to live in the sky, then everyone will come up with ideas to build things in the sky. A whole new industry develops overnight. New jobs are created and stakeholders are pushing universities and governments to change their education system to cater for this 'unpredicted' change.

The Future, ladies and gentlemen, are unforeseen events that happen for a reason. Educators can do so much in the classroom, lecture theaters and laboratories and still have no clue as to what these young minds that they are nurturing will end up becoming in the future.

There is hope that gone were the days of dreams jobs like doctors, lawyers, architects and engineers. While jobs like Application Developers, Software designers, Video Graphic designers, Web designers will become to be the 'New Dream Jobs'.

As educators we need to prepare ourselves for this, for the benefits of our future generation. There is only so much that can be covered in the classrooms and our ministry's effort to adapt a more 'independent' learning approach should not be taken negatively.

Teacher's jobs are not made any easier even though students do a lot of self discovery because not every house hold owns a PC or laptop and even if they own one, they may not have internet access at home.

Perhaps we still have a long way to go before every student in Brunei will one day only have to bring a laptop to school and teachers need only bring their tablets to class and the whole concept of 'teaching' becomes a 'learning' experience for both the teacher and students.

Who would have predicted that blogging could generate income and turn into a successful business? We just have to look at our local blogging superstar @ranoadidas as an example.

A quick Q&A with @ranoadidas via text

Q: Did you ever predicted that your blog would end up generating income with the advertisements you have and did you foresee yourself making blogging as a permanent job when you started your blog?

A: Nopes hehehe. I made the choice after realizing the potential

Q: What do you think the future will be like for A company? Collaborating with Adidas and making clothing line?

A: Could be Haha.. But that's just a bonus for me

Q: Last question. Do you think blogging could be a potential 'Future Occupation' like becoming a Doctor or Lawyer?

A: Hahha that would be interesting.. Possibility is there

Wise words from the man who's favourite brand believes that 'Impossible is Nothing!'

Come what may, we have no control over the future. However, we can prepare ourselves for and challenge our young ones to dream on and remind them that the sky's the limit. Possibilities are everywhere.

If you believe it, you can shape your future!

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