Sunday, September 26, 2010

Welcoming Myself Back!

I have to admit that I normally spend my Saturday afternoons with my wife and son. We would go out and have afternoon tea or just browse around. Basically spend the whole afternoon with my two most precious people.

Yet I found myself driving to The Law and Court Building ( yesterday afternoon to attend an interesting public forum entitled "A Blogger's Rights and Responsibilities & Other Legal Issues on the Use of Social Media in Brunei Darussalam"

The talk was presented by @jefrirahman and Hjh Rahayu respectively. You may find more articles on here and here.

In light of this forum, I hope that their plans to do some more public awareness and have some kind of a roadshow to school can further educate our younger generation. The internet has become more and more accessible and even if they do not have PCs or laptops. They have access to social medias like msn and facebook via their mobile phones.

We all have our roles to play. Be it a blogger or twitter-holic, we are bounded by laws and regulations the moment we agreed to their terms and conditions. As mentioned by Ahmad Jefri, 'Do you read the terms & conditions before you agree?' Applause to those you have because it seems like such a daunting task to read the small fine print.

Honestly I do miss blogging even though I am more active on twitter and my tumblr. Blogging was always a good way to practice my writing and sharing thoughts and ideas.

Feels slightly weird but happy to be typing away.

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