Sunday, February 08, 2009

This book made me cry

I have neglected reading for a while, perhaps and understatement, for a very long while to be precise. Until last December when a close friend persuaded my wife and myself to read 'Twilight' to prepare ourselves before we all went to watch the movie.

I remember the big fuss it made at my work place, a colleague was also intrigued by the hype this book generated. So I gave it a shot, I rediscovered a love, a love for reading.

The excitement, the suspense and the twists made me miss reading even more.

I used to bury my face in books, novels to be exact when my siblings would be fighting over the video game they would play. I remember saving my money to buy books from my favourite author, John Grisham.

So in the midst of my lost love for reading, I made frequent stops at a nearby bookshop, also a bookshop where I get my monthly issue of 'Mens Health' the singapore edition.

A book cover caught my attention, Man and Boy. Being new and still learning about fatherhood, I assumed that the book would bring some insight for my shortcomings, balancing my work and activities and being a Father. 

The reviews on the back cover, like many other books, were all Good! Exciting! Wonderful! except for one, on the front cover, 'I cried five times and laughed out loud four' James Brown, Observer. And I think to myself? Really?

Flipping through the first few pages, this book was a bestseller and millions of copies sold and translated in to 38 different languages. I became more excited. 

I bought two other books but I was really looking forward to reading it.

I could not put the book down once I started reading it.

Did it make me cry? It did. The writer, Tony Parson, had succeeded in squeezing this heart of mine and made me, not just drop a tear, but really crying.

Did it make me laugh? Indeed it did. Smacked a huge smile across my face. Such a cunning  writer. He knew how to set the mood.

Amazing how I was able to put myself into the character's shoes. 

The story maybe one sided, maybe portrays the character as egoistic and immature and perhaps chauvinistic to the female gender. But all in all, a wonderful read and I am hooked.

I am currently in the middle of reading his second book, One for my Baby and am hoping to buy the sequel to Man and Boy, which is Man and Wife.

So if you happen to have read the book already, tell me how you felt reading it and what do you think about it?

Give it a go, you might just enjoy it.


Shiroitsubasa said...


*calms down*

Just thought I'd share that the first book I ever bought (i suppose on my own) was The Client from John Grisham from Best Eastern when they still had a shop at Gadong Centrepoint.

And boy did I get a scolding from my dad (Bless his soul). xD I believe it was something along the line of wasting money. And that was the starting spark I would say for reading.

And also during those times, I had tuition above Huaho Gadong 2, where Titi n Drews used to be. I would rent books to read them.

Granted I perhaps should expand my horizon, but the books I mostly read are mostly Fantasies and a little bit of Sci Fi, with a lot of John Grishams and Michael Crichton mixed in the bag.

I remember you posted a question something along the line of how/what the young generation (makes us sound old, then again perhaps we are), dream (wish for) these days. I wonder how our young are coping in terms of literary consumptions. (those not forced upon them).

Also lately, I've been into Audiobooks (though kinda expensive xD) from They're nice to be able to listen on the go.

I think the biggest problem (though partly due to the community itself) is that books are scarce in the country. They only carry those they think will sell well. (perhaps). So many times I go to a book store not being able to find books that I want.

*restraining self to make this comment into a blog post by itself*

But sometimes I wonder if maybe in a way, our society is 'rotting'. Forgot where I saw it, our 'nasi katok' mentality. Cheap is best. =/ When you think about the price of a good book (e.g. New York Times bestseller), it cost somewhere between 16-20 dollars. So I guess ppl forgo the book and go buy pirated DVDs maybe 3 or 4? for same price. *shrugs*

Anyway enough ranting on my part. Later.

Sudu said...

Last year I finally got the chance to read My Sister's Keeper by Jodie Picoult. It's another amazing book that hits you so hard at the end that all you can do is just stare blankly at the last page.

Also, a friend of ours mentioned this other book The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. It is so emotional. I recently bought the DVD movie. I cried every half hour.

Books are even greater when you can share it with friends. Sometimes the discussions after reading the book is just as satisfying as reading a really good book.

Update us with more books yeah Sir T!

pinkeyeliner! said...

Sir, that book of yours. Would you recommend me to read it? :-D