Monday, February 25, 2008

Finally asleep

The little one is still in the hospital with Hers. The ward does not allow male spouses to stay over night so I was alone and worried about them. Woke up at twenty past five, did the usual and then off to Gerai at Anggerek. My in-laws told me the gerai which sells the chicken porridge opens early. So I went and got us porridge. I arrived at the hospital at fifteen to seven. Hers told me the little one was having trouble sleeping and kept waking up. Hers also mentioned he was shivering. But I brought new towels this morning and I wrapped him up, also know as 'bebadung'. I held him in my arms and just looked at him. I missed him last night. I hope the doctor gives us the green light to go home today. Hers said that the little one falls asleep when I'm around. I would like to think I have this special bond with him. I still can't believe I'm an Ayah now. Another nomaniee for best congratulatory text message goes to my captain, Shukrie who sent me this text, 'Alhamdulillah... Tahniah. Just remember nda semestinya handal main bola tu if u name him Shukri. Tahniah sekali lagi'. :D

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Vixennova said...

Congratulations... Zara & Fadly :)

Hope you received my text message yesterday. May Allah bless beautiful family.

Much love,

Muaz, Zeti & Abang Muz'im