Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Woke up very early to catch the Man Utd match.

Since I am on 'Holiday' I am a self appointed driver for 'Hers'. Today we had breakfast at this 'Nasi Lemak' place in the Lambak area.

I have had breakfast there a couple of times with my friends and today it was 'Hers' first time dining there, I usually get her takeaways.

She was disturbed by something while she was eating because she kept on looking around. I got worried and asked what was bothering her. Apparently she was troubled by two men who were smoking right behind her.

FOR F^%#$ SAKES!!! There was a 'NO SMOKING' sign just above their table!!!

I was so annoyed I wanted to tell the person off. I mean be cosiderate! There is a pregnant woman sitting just behind you!! You @$$#*%+!!

I would upset 'Hers' if I gave that person and his friend a piece of my mind. However, this dude was kind of well built. Well, we all know what happens when one messes with a 'Muscle' man in Brunei don't we. I apologise but the stories about 'Muscle' men in Brunei harming innocent people popping up in the papers this year has not been enlightening.

Remember how an Indian Restaurant was trashed by some irresposible Huge Men? Remember when an old couple was attacked by another younger couple and it was reported that the male attackers was also 'Huge'!

I know some muscle men and they are nice people. But I was not in a position to do anything or tell anyone off.

I just hope things could be done about smoking at Restaurants. This is something which should not be taken lightly. I have nothing against smoking. People smoke for different reasons. They can smoke at open spaces and just be considerate towards people around you.

Perhaps a different approach could be done to alarm people about the dangers of smoking. Perhaps authorities should target those who are 'Second hand smokers' rather than the smokers themselves.

I am still annoyed with that person. I wish I could do something about this.

I apologise to 'Hers'. I am trully at fault. I take reponsibility for the ignorant men who smoked this morning. I know I won't bring you there to have breakfast anymore.

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