Sunday, November 18, 2007

One Eight One One turns Twenty Eight

Nearly half an hour to go before midnight and that ends my birthday officially.

A birthday is a good reason to gather with loved ones and eat lots of food.

That is exactly what I did today.

I started in the morning. From my earlier post, my wife had a wonderful surprise for me. I love my presents. I always loved all her presents. My father in law came back from a business trip and he got me a white turtle neck TW dri-fit golf shirt.

Then after showering, 'Hers' made me frenchtoast. Sweet.

During lunch time, we went to the mall to meet up with my siblings. Had the 'Birthday lunch' at Dixie. Even Aiman was there too, he was so hyper. He played on some of the rides outside the arcade. He was singing his heart out at the mall and running around. I bought him a small B-ball because he kept going back to this shop and taking the ball out.

We slowly made our way down each floor as I went to look for a 4G MS card for my new toy. On the first floor Lil'Aiman threw a short tantrum because he wanted to buy candy. It was a definite sign that he was tired and was about to go to sleep.

So I carried him around and drooled on my new Man Utd away kit. Tsk Tsk Tsk. I guess its one of those things I have to prepare myself for once the young one comes.

Sent my siblings home and went back home. I was feeling sleepy and wantrd to get some shut eyes. But what happend? The PSP was calling out to me. So I ended up playing FIFA'08.

For dinner my wife suggested we bring the family out to a Thai restaurant. My wife said, I must close my eyes for the whole journey because she wanted to pick up my birthday cake. So I did. I close my eyes and reclined the seat and doozed off. I only woke up when we arrived at Sawadee House in Jerudong. Had dinner with my in-laws and brother in laws. The food was nice.

Then came out the birthday cake and little did I know that my wife drove to Bandar and picked up my cake at Sheraton and then drove all the way to Jerudong in 30 mins. She drove that fast and she's 6 months pregnant. HAHAHA. I loved the cake.

Thank you to the MK's. You girls deserve a huge applause but that does not mean we won't have rough time at training (whenever that is).

Thank you to my Family.

Thank you to my friends who have wished me on my Birthday.

Thanks to Mun from down under. Bila ko balik?? C Naz balik soon juwa Heee.. :DDD

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