Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cafe Au Lait

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Cafe au lait @ Seri D-Lap Mall is a very cosy place to dine in and chill. The place was recommended by her and her husband. Had lunch there yesterday and the place was full. I cannot really comment on the food as I did not have anything heavy for lunch. I tried the Fried Calamari, Nacho's - a must order because its worth it, the Mushroom soup - very creamy, the something tuna salad with corn and beans - has a very interesting taste and no mayo for the dressing but olive oil yeay! and the Jacket Potato with corned beef and melted cheese - not bad.
For drinks I had the Ice blended Hazelnut something - Very nice, I only wished the glass they used as bigger and the serving was a lot because it was so nice. *sigh*
I heard so much about the food yesterday and the next time I go there I am definitely ordering the Beef burger because 'au lait' makes their own patty and its so huge. I saw a female customer order one yesterday but I had brunch with a friend yesterday morning so I was full already plus I intended to do a long run late yesterday afternoon.
So my verdict is - I would recommend anyone to go and dine in at 'au lait'. Until I have engrossed myself in the pastas and burgers I cannot really say much but from what I have heard it is all a 'must' try.
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