Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Who to invite?

Weddings are one of the major events that happen in one's life. A lot of preperation goes into making that one day, a very special and memorable day.

My day is coming. Soon!! The above in my invitation card. Coincidentally the colour of newly crowned EPL Champions. GLORY GLORY MAN UTD!! My colleagues said 'Gong Xi! Gong Xi!' because my invitation card looks like a red packet for Chinese new year *LoL*. Come to think of it not many Malay wedding card use blood red as a choice of colour. Just wanted to try something new.

I still have somethings I need to settle and at the moment and trying to gather all my friends names. I never knew how difficult it is to decide who to invite and who not to invite. I wish I could invite everyone I know but some I have lost contact and I really have not seen them for a long time. So no point it inviting them right!

People at my work place. Who do I invite? I am inviting everyone but I can not give each and everyone an invitation card because I do not know most of them by name. Especially the women; Forgive my ignorance.

Do I invite my lectures from Uni? I am still trying to figure it out.

[Note: Sas - If what you said was true then I guess he is still waiting for his invitation card *LoL*. I went to see Dj Daffy of KFM a few weeks ago at the KFM Studio. I have not seen him for a very long time. We go way back! I hope not many people was listening to KFM *LoL*]

I wish I could invite everyone I know. I would like to apologise in advance if I missed your name. No hard feelings.


Bulimic said...

bisai eh merah ahh...kalau you put the man utd logo ngam tu! hehehe... all the best fr the events bro!

Syazwan Nordin said...

Somebody sent a cream-colored invitation card to my place yesterday, and I saw "Zara & Fadly" stated on the front cover. Hehe. Congrats! :)

SiRT said...

Hey thats my future wife's invitation card hehehe. Cool! So I guess I'll be seeing you?? Hahahah