Friday, May 18, 2007


First I would like to thank Baby D's Mom - MamaSuds for finding that countdown timer widget that you may see on the your left side as you view this on your screen.

I cannot believe the day is coming soon. I have a few more things to settle but that does not mean everything is done and ready. There are a lot more things to do at home. Weddings are big events in this country.

I have some more invitations to send out. Some of my friends have kindly requested to just send them a text message with the full details of address and time. Thank you guys!! I can only thank you so much for your kindness. Its cheaper to send an SMS than print the card. But who's complaining? You only get married once right!

Most of my guy friends have made some 'kind' remarks about my upcoming wedding. Some remarks from them;

'Alhamdullilah! Kawin ko jua ah Hahahaha!'
'Apa ih! Kan kawin ko wah?'
'Syukur tah ko kawin! Nda jua ko begatal lagi!'
'Selamat tah bini-bini lain di Brunei ani hahahaha'
'Kawin jua ko akhirnya ah! Kira tah nda mau kawin Hahahaha'

Most of the people have greeted me with a simple 'Congratulations!' or 'Congrats'

My personal favourite - 'Welcome to the Club!'

This 'Club' that I am about to join, (1) Where do I sign up? (2) Do I have to pay an annual fee? (3) What privileges do I get? *LoL*

Answer (1): No need to sign anywhere - just the dotted lines on that piece of paper which will certify me the right to become a husband.

Answer (2): I reckon this one is the 'Nafkah' for the wifey.

Answer (3): Privileges - A plenty! Once I am married I have every right to make fun of the ones who are about to get married and I can finally fit into conversations where only 'Married' people are allowed. Hahahaha!

I am estatic. Tonight my uncle will help me to 'usai' my barang hantaran for 'Hers'. I am itching to take pictures. But I will restrain myself.

P.S: Bro Adidarwish - I found the Adidas MEGABOUNCE for men at Hua Ho Manggis Mall. Thank you so much for the review. The price is as you mentioned in your post. Its going to be on my hantaran. Yipeeee!!! Opss!! That was suppose to be a secret but I could not contain myself. I tried the Supernove as well but the Megabounce felt much more comfortable.

I have not been to the gym for over a week now. Busy with school work and wedding preps, I have been fidgeting to go on a run. So I woke up at 7.30 this morning to do my 3.5 km run outdoors in my kampung. I started my run at 8.20 a.m. The sun was bright and it was hot, but I am not complaining. The sun was brilliant. I needed the extra Vitamin E's. Eventhough I have not been to the gym I have been doing 3km run outdoors. So it had been four days since my last run. My run in the bright Friday morning sun was great and I managed to do it in a time of 19 mins 37 secs. But about 3/4 of my run I felt a sharp pain under my ribs. From experience it mean I am dehydrating and my water reserves are low. I should stop and walk. But I did not and just continued to run at a slower pace. I reckoned if I did not get the sharp pain I would have finished my run at a record time. Morale of the story: Do not forget to eat something light like a banana before a run and a glass of water. Hahahaha!

I'm getting married!! Yipeeeeeeeeeee!!!


Sir Bio said...

Please dont use the megabounce during the bersanding ceremony he he he

SiRT said...

hahahahaha... I will try my best hahahaha