Sunday, May 20, 2007

Give it up for the Blues!!!

I normally have a good sense of which team will win a match. Just give me 15 mins of the match and I might give you a pretty accurate prediction. I can say 80% of my predictions are usually correct.

With my wedding coming up, I have been rather busy and not really been updating myself with any footy news. A friend at work wished me 'good luck' and I initially thought, my nikah is not till next week but ok thanks! Apparently he was talking about the FA CUP Finals.

So I went out to celebrate my future Father-in-Law's birthday at Charcoal and I was stuffed. Texted my younger bro and told him I would join him at D'Aprils.

Chelski had the better chances and I was amazed when the statistics showed ball possession was even between the two teams. I honestly thought Chelski were the hungrier side. They fought for everyball. The first half was a total bore. I lost count of the number of times I yawned.

The second half Chelski still looked the more passionate of the two teams. Man U did manage a few half chances but that is all.

End of 90 mins I felt like Chelski were going to nick it in the end. I went home and watched the extra time in the comfort of my own house. Could you believe AF had not even finished when I arrived home?? Like WHAT??? Seriously Astro could you be more self absorbed with a reality show. *Venting my frustrations. Not meant to annoy any AF Fans. My Bad*

Eventhough Man U looked the better side in extra time. Chelski held their fortress well. Giggsy had a 'goal-over-the-line-but-Linesman-and-Referee-was-too-faraway,-thats-why-we-need-video-evidence' moment.

One chance is all any team needs to score and win the match. Thats is what Chelski did! One Chance, One Finish, Cup in the bag.

I still think Man U is the better team this season. Their dominance in the league proves it. We also had our fair share of injuries, so that is a poor excuse if any one wants to deny Man U of their deserved record 9th League title under Sir Alex.

I am proud of what Man U have achieved. Having been written off since the start of the season they have matured as a team.

So Man Utd lost - What the hell has that got to do with Libafool fans??? Again I receive SMSs and MSN messages of 'Takziah' for the lost. What is wrong with Libaupool fans??? Honestly what is your problem?? Enough with the taunting alright. Enough said!! All the best to Libaupool fans for the Final in Athens. Make England proud!!! If you have not read the earlier post, make your way [here]

We still wear the red of Man U proudly. Not hide away when the team we support is on a bad run. Glory Glory Man Utd!!


Metallichick said...

Yeah, somehow I knew Chelsea would win last night. So I wasnt too distraught when Man Utd lost. I think Chelsea really deserved the win.

War186 said...

I know what you mean. What's up with some of the Liverpool fans? Macam Man U VS Liverpool saja bukan Chelsea. Heh. Win or lose, proud to be ManU! :D

ezann said...

i always liked your words on LFC fans. So inspiring. Heh. The Reds will keep on marching on! on! on! Sing up for the champions. MUFC all the way....