Friday, March 30, 2007

My favourite Three & Just ME!

Browsing through the regular blogs that I like to visit, I always make it a point to take my time to read through three of my favourite blogs.

Firstly -
Mr Adidarwish - A Biology teacher and an amazing runner. He blogs about his run and the goals he sets himself. Even his students stop by his blogsite to read up on extra school work. Way to go Sir! Now that is incorporating ICT in his teaching.

Secondly -
Mr RezaFaizal - A runner as well and his was the first blog that I came across abot running. It was in his site that I stumbled upon Mr Adidarwish. He was and is still very helpful when it comes to running. It was like meeting an artist when I first met him on the treadmill.

Their helpful tips have helped me improve my runs on the treadmills. Eventhough I am nowhere near their runs but I think I have improved since the first time I got on the treadmill.

Lastly -
Ms Murabiyyah - She is a teacher somewhere. Her blog is about keeping healthy and she also blogs about her runs.

Ms Murabiyyah's
post today was about choosing the right food to eat. Losing weight does not mean one does not have to starve themselves. Thats not ideal. Eating is still essential in an attempt to shed the 'added baggage'. Only difference is what do you put in your mouth.

On her
post she has some 'visual aids' to further clarify what I am trying to convey.

I as remembered she did a post last month about
'You are what you eat' and she also has some 'visual aids' to make it easier for others to understand.

Ever since I started to go to the gym. I have have become more conscious about my eating habits. I have three meals everyday. I usually make my own breakfast. A peanutbutter and jelly sandwich. I usually have my own packed food to bring to work. Sometimes my mother would boil some sausages or she would cook something for breakfast. If if buy fruits I would also bring some to work, preferably red apples or oranges or bananas. I have my sandwich in the morning at home and have my very early lunch around 10 whenever I plan to go to the gym right after work.

Lunch would be whatever I have left from breakfast because I do not eat as much as I used to.

Most afternoons are spent at the gym. I do alot of cardio and some weight lifting. I work on my biceps and triceps and also on my chest. I round off the work out with sit-up, a minimum of 100 situp, which is still not enough but it will have to do for now.

Back from the gym by 6. I will go directly to the kitchen to see what I can have for dinner. I used to be very fussy about what to eat, but nowadays I keep it simple.

When I eat out, there are only a few places I would like to dine in, notably Ideal and Dixie. Because they serve 'grilled' chicken. I do have the occasional Sushi outing and italian dinners but usually its either Ideal or Dixie for me. 'Hers' has been very supportive and I sometimes feel sorry for her because she misses eating 'fast food'. She loves her McD's and her KFC's and her Sugarbun's but she does not like dining there if I do not eat fast food. So I sometimes I give in to her request and accompany her to eat fast food but only at McD.

I do long to eat 'Mee Mamak', 'Mee Hoon Goreng', 'Nasi Goreng', Fried chicken and so many others that I had deserted since I commited myself to lose weight. The sacrifice. I know one day I will get to eat them again but until that day comes, I stick to my current food intake and carry on with my life.

I have not been blogging about my runs does not mean I have stopped running. I am still running but I keep a log of my runs on my phone. I will try to blog about my runs soon.

I leave you with a collage of random pictures of myself from when I realised I needed to change for the better to what I have accomplised today.


Murabiyyah said...

wow.. you can physically see the difference! well done on yoour achievements SirT!

Thanks for the plug btw, yours is one of my favourite daily reads too! =)

Reza Faizal said...

The last time I saw u in the gym, I did think you lost some weight. From the pictures can see the difference.

What's up with the 2005 hairstyle!

SiRT said...

I was doing a Guy Sebastian look alike hahahaha. The Former Australian Idol.

I kept that hair for 3 months and I was already working as a Teacher hahahaha.

Adidarwish said...

Woooaah tribute for us three... thanks SiRT... Actually I am also motivated by your recent achievement and accomplishment... I really can see the differences between you early this year and you now. Keep working out!!

BTW... I also like the hair transformation.... he he he

Aunidayini said...

Wow! a tribute to the health and fitness "freaks". I don't usually really read your postings but heard about them from my hubby.

I can see the difference between your then and now pics. Congrats, but you have to be careful as the usual "lapas kawin sydrome" that affects many Bruneian may affect you too. You see, usually people let go of themselves after they are married simply because they have met "the one", so they don't need to "bergaya" any more or because they are being pampered :)

To make the story short, you should have seen my hub in 1997, he weighed 100++ kilos. But as always, he is a very determined person, so he managed to control his weight problem through running and eating right. Frankly we seldom eat out. I rather cook because we can control our oil intake. So at home although you see a lot of dishes at my blog, I don't use much oil. I usually used lower fat version. We drink skim milk and I even use it to replace coconut milk. Lastly, you should watch out the amount of rice you take, portion matters.