Saturday, March 24, 2007

Gotta love the RaZR

On the right we have the Black Motorola RaZR V3. Bought on July 1st 2004. Today it has deserved the right to retire and rest until duty calls. I love the sleek design and the colour rocks. I fell in love with in the moment I saw it. I bought mine for BND$700. Now it only costs BND$248. Thats Mobile technology for you. Over time when new functions and additional features get introduced, the once 'cool' factor gets thrown out of the window along with the price tag. *Sigh* My V3 has been with me everywhere I went, has recorded some important times in my life and held so many reminders.
I love the V3 so much I bought the v3i. This maroon V3i comes with built in iTunes. So I can buy converter and use regular headphones so I can wear it when I jog. Initially I had my eyes on the W710i which has a cool fitness application which calculates the distance and calories burned and all. But 'Her' thought the design was ugly so in the end, its always a good excuse to buy a new phone.
The V3i has an upgraded 1.23 mp camera. The phone came with a 256 mb mini sd for free and I have uploaded songs on my V3i iTunes. The funtions are similar and I have no problems learning how to use it. Only 'annoying' thing about getting a new phone is transferring the whole phonebook to the new V3i. I am still trying to figure out an easier way.
I love my Motorola V3i!!! Oh and my 'SiRT RaZR' [Bluetooth nick] costs me BND$335 from QQeStore.

//edited// 25th March 12.46 a.m.

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Reza Faizal said...

i love my V3i... been using it for 6 months already... cost me SGD350 that time...