Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Waiting Friend

Am currently at RIPAS accompanying Hers for her daily check up. They have moved the Gynae clinic from the ground floor facing the tuck shop and food court to the second floor to Wards 17 and 18. The move is temporary as renovations are done to the Ante-Natal clinic. Things went smooth and Hers informed me that it does not take long for the check up. The real wait comes at the pharmacy. You can see it from the picture above. There is a yellow sign which states that it takes 60 minutes for a patient to get his/her medication. A good move I would agree because we know how impatient and disgruntled we can be especially when it comes to waiting for medication. Its just the very last hurdle before we can get out of this place and eat. I'm starving. At time of posting we still have some twelve people before Hers gets her medication and we have been waiting for nearly half an hour now. Its all good. Hers has her 'Herworld' to keep her company and I have my psp. I'm just hungry. Does anyone know if JC in open? I heard it was affected by the recent flash flood.

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