Monday, November 26, 2007


In the middle of trying to tweek this place up, I came across this site, the restaurant
Blue Eden and it made me really hungry.

I ate there once with my parents and then once to watch football with my brother.

It is having a promotion now and at only BND$1.50 for Chicken or Beef Kolo Mee till the middle of December. I might drop by one of these days. The food looks really tasty as well, I mean by looking at the pictures.

It also has a 'Dine-In' promo with 20% discount from 2-5 p.m. I'll definitly take pictures and post up something if I ever get a chance to dine in. Plus there is this cool boutique right next to Blue Eden.

No running for me today. My right knee has a slight swelling after the collision with R&aL playing the Futsal Friendly. Sorry again Bro.

My right foot has recovered. I will be hitting the treadmill tomorrow and hopefully I can run. I have decided to focus on cutting down some more seconds off my 5 K run before trying out a full 60 min run.

So when is the next match

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