Monday, November 05, 2007

A special thank you

Open new tab for [Here] and [Here] and you will get to see 'it'.

Thank you the MP reporter, Mohd Asyramisyanie Kamis because he managed to spell my name correctly. I however would like to thank my teammates for their joint efforts to clinch the tournament.

I would like to thank, Hj Zul who made the wonderful pass, as always when we play in the same team, to me which lead to the second and deciding goal.

I would like to congratulate my team captain, Mohd Shukrie for being a great captain and for believeing in my abilities. Also to the best player of the tournament, Mohd Fadzli who scored in every match except the first match against SMB.

My other teammates - Adi Mulyamin - the great last man, Pg Janai - The great goalie and he made some brilliant saves, Amir Sith - the harworking forward, Hj Jaini - our veteran and highly respected player but still getting the goals and finally - Mr Habil for being resilient when needed and you were.

Congratulations to Knights 'A', we did it boys. We became Champions!!!

I hope to get some pictures from the tourney tomorrow and upload it after a few quick CS2ing.

Also a BIG thank you to MK #11 a.k.a Fiqah for turning up on Sunday morning to support the Knights. :D

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