Monday, June 25, 2007

Can I find the ground?

It has been a while since I posted something proper and well this one will also be a simple one.

I have been on holiday for nearly a month since my wedding and well in a few hours I will wake up and get ready for work. I feel like its my first day at work and I am kinda excited to meet everyone at school. I know they will ask me all sorts of questions and I know they'll make a few jokes along the way but I do miss my workplace. Just my work place and not so much my work. :)

I have not been running much. Honestly I have not been looking after my diet. No cause for alarm really because when I was on my honeymoon, I went shopping and my waist size has shrunk by two inches and it was a very good feeling. I managed to do some runs after I got back from my honeymoon and then after a few days I was away again to KK for some official Youth stuff.

So far I think I have managed to maintain my weight despite the lack of runs and abandoning my diet. But I have mention to my wife that I will start my diet again and back to my runs on Monday.

I miss running. I blogged hopped to Ms Murabiyyah's site, which I have not visited in a while and found this [right click here]. I did the test myself and I am not like Ms Murabiyyah - I am more of 'The Exerciser'.

I have been meaning to blog about my outdoor runs at the stadium however I have not had the time to do it. Soon I hope.

As for now I am hoping I settle in quickly to my work and focus on my runs.

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