Thursday, March 15, 2007

Know Mine, Your and Our Role!!

Fellow Bruneians,

I call upon you to unite as a one and help each other to identify the main areas of concerns clouding our youths today.

I have been given the responsibility to create change. I have had three years to try and inspire change but I have failed.

I am the Brunei RYC member - Regional Youth Caucus Member under the Commonwealth Youth Caucus for the Commonwealth Secretariate.

I was elected to replace someone and I was given no clear indication of what position I was filling. I did not know my role and my resposibilities.

It was only in November 2005 and the middle of last year that I had slowly realised my purpose. I am elected to create - alter - stimulate - revolutionise change to better improve the quality and sustainability of our Youths to prepare for a better tomorrow.

After coming back from the Bahamas last year, I had prepared a 6 page report excluding appendixes, about the meetings I attended and my recommendations.

This was last year and I did not receive any feedback from the relevant authorities since then. I know my role and without the support my election into the Youth Caucus to represent my beloved country is just a 'free holiday'. Mind you I have travelled half way across the globe to attend a forum and a minister's level meeting.

The responsibilty of our youths should not just be put under our government's watch but everyone directly and indirectly involved in the upbringing of these youth have a role to play. These are the people who will lead one day. Think not only of what they can do in the future but also what they can do now.

Because if we wait for the future then what happens to them 'now'?

I might be away in April to attend a meeting in Pakistan and I do not know what my role will be. I know I have to attend the meeting. But what I will present and what I will do, I am still clueless.

I always thought my role was to partake in Youth related activites only and report on them but in actual fact I have a much bigger role. I am suppose to have the 'influence' to affect change. However, I am just a random guy picked from a hat full of youths to represent my country.


It is nearly two in the morning and I have to be awake in 3 hours and begin my day at work.

I was awoken by a call from a friend of mine from Maldives - Maloof. He called me from Sri Lanka at 1 a.m. Brunei time. He mentioned me just sent the Brunei Delegate off at the Airport after attending the Commonwealth Day. He remembered me and gave me a call to say Hi and to remind me about the meeting in Islamabad.

I would be indepth if you could help me identify the 'problems of our Youths in Brunei'.

Please leave a comment/suggestion/recommendation/solution by leaving a comment or you could email me at

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