Sunday, February 25, 2007


Yesterday happened to be one of the many important dates in my life.

Last night, I went to the Manchester United Brunei Fan Club gathering with guilt. Though I was excited to meet up with other who share similar aspiration towards our beloved EPL team, at the back of my head I was planning of making it up to her by taking her to the movies to watch a 'mid-night' show.

Prior to the match I had gone to her house to drop off the 6th book of the Harry Potter seriers becasue she wanted to refresh her memory before the 7th book arrives. [P.S: You may book your Harry Potter book Now!!]

She declined and replied my text "I am feeling lazy tonight. We can go out tomorrow or Monday and I can pretend it is still the 24th"

That put a smile on my face and I was able to concentrate on watch the game. But I knew I had made a 'boo boo'.

So I stayed up all night to make a picture clip and I just finished uploading it. To

You may view the clip at

or just watch the video above. Enjoy.

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